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7th Grade Life Science

Goal 2: To observe and document organism life cycles and understand ecosystems

How energy is decreased by a 10 in every level of the energy pyramid 




 DT's Upcoming Events

10/1/2014 12:00 AM Block Day 
Go over Ponds and learn how to make wet mount slides
Fill out Paper and draw Lemna
Life Cycles of Plants and Animals
Wisconsin Fast Plants pp 46-55
Nutritional Needs of Plants
Observe seeds...
10/3/2014 12:00 AM FridayNew 
Go over homework
Check plant systems
Journal Germination reflections page 55
Questions 1,2 and 3
HW more science words
monocotyledon dicotyledon macro and micro nutrients
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 Online Textbook/Cool Links

    Macro to Micro Online Textbook
    Textbook Human Body Systems
    Energy Pyramids
    Interactive Microscope Quiz
    Timothy Seastedt
    Challenges for Colorado (Invasive Plants and Climate)
    Invasive Plants 101
    Earthworms and Blackworms
    Energy Pyramid Introduction
    Energy Pyramid Marine (Ocean) Example
    videos of metamorphosis types for four-er
    More on metamorphosis
    Cells Alive (for worksheet 10/18)
    cells (nice basic site for 4-er)
    How cancer spreads and is abnormal mitosis
    Online onion root tip study
    Basic Flower Anatomy
    Flower Part Dissection and Function
    Pollination Simulation (username=man2011 password=student)
(More Links...)