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7th Grade Life Science

Learnin' About da Heart and Lungs




 DT's Upcoming Events

4/22/2014 12:00 AM Tuesday 
Go over Polio Do demo of carbon dioxide going through a membrane Reflect on page 105. If time read...Why So Many? HW what will have more energy per gram a marshmallow or a walnut?
4/24/2014 12:00 AM Thursday 
Releasing Energy From Food lesson 13 Read pages111-112 and go over predictions and rationales Do burning lab and reflect on page 115 Read Go For The Burn HW due Friday, how many chambers does the human heart have?
4/25/2014 12:00 AM Friday Zujey and Roberto day 
Share homework on chambers of hearts Show website with heart designs Lesson 12 The Pumping Heart Goal and product: initial drawing of heart flow Verbal review of the questions on page 122 number 3 A closed system with pumps Answers to question 8...
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 Online Textbook/Cool Links

    Macro to Micro Online Textbook
    Textbook Human Body Systems
    Energy Pyramids
    Life Processes Interactive
    Interactive Microscope Quiz
    Timothy Seastedt
    Challenges for Colorado (Invasive Plants and Climate)
    Invasive Plants 101
    Earthworms and Blackworms
    Energy Pyramid Introduction
    Energy Pyramid Marine (Ocean) Example
    videos of metamorphosis types for four-er
    More on metamorphosis
    Cells Alive (for worksheet 10/18)
    cells (nice basic site for 4-er)
    How cancer spreads and is abnormal mitosis
    Online onion root tip study
    Basic Flower Anatomy
    Flower Part Dissection and Function
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