Third Grade Supply List

Please put child's name on all supplies

24  #2 lead pencils (not mechanical)
1  Eraser
2  red pencils or red felt tipped pens
2  Black fine line felt tip pens
1  Yellow  highlighter
1  12 inch easy to read ruler (inches & centimeters)
1  Scissors (pointed good quality)
1  Pack broad tip markers
1  Box of crayons
1  White glue 
1  Glue stick
1  One inch  3-ring binder with wide- lined paper pack
1  Set colored pencils
4  Heavy-duty pocket folders (bottom pockets)
1  Box facial tissues, large
1  Clipboard
1   inexpensive solar calculator
1  Scotch tape
1  School box  (optional)
1  Small Manual Pencil Sharpener (not battery operated)
$1 Party fund

 separate bag marked ART
Please bring art supplies the second day of school

2   Sharpie permanent black pens
1   Package colored markers
1  Roll masking tape
1  Spiral-bound sketchbook (May use last year’s if at least 20 pages left.)

Physical Education (Gym)

1 pkg. Thin colored markers

Each child will need tie or Velcro closure tennis shoes for gym class. Zip and elastic-closed shoes generally do not stay securely on children's feet.

A donation of serviceable outgrown tennis shoes would be appreciated