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Ways to support Mesa without spending an extra penny!

Every month, use King Soopers gift cards.  Pick up a FREE King Soopers gift card located outside the office.  Take the card to King Soopers and add funds at any cashier.  Any dollar amount may be added.  When funds are depleted, you may "reload" the same card.  The barcode on the back of the card is attached to the Mesa PTO.  Each time you use the card, our PTO receives a 5% donation.  This is free money for Mesa and our students!

Collect Milk Caps for Mooola.  Mesa collects Longmont Dairy milk caps, each worth 5ยข. (Eligible cap products include: Milk, Chocolate Milk, Strawberry Milk, Half & Half, Whipping Cream, Orange Juice, Lemonade, Raspberry Lemonade, Classic and Cinnamon Eggnog.)  Rinse and save the bottle caps.  Save as many as you can: from your bottles, or collect them from your family and neighbors.  Bring your rinsed milk caps to school and put them into the collection box located outside the front office.

Shop at Boulder toy stores.  Grand Rabbits Toy Store and Play Fair Toy Store accumulate store credits when you specify Mesa Elementary during checkout.  Each year our teachers use the store credits for classroom supplies.

Tear off General Mills Boxtops for Education.  General Mills Boxtops for Education program will give cash back to Mesa PTO based on the total number of boxtops they receive from us. Bring all boxtop labels to the collection box in front of the office.

Use store cards that give a rebate to Mesa PTO.  Target will donate cash to Mesa PTO when you use their store card and designate Mesa Elementary PTO as the recipient of the rebate.  Target requires you to complete a credit card application.



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