An Overview of New Vista

New Vista High School provides rigorous learning in a supportive culture. The school is designed to cultivate the unique talents, gifts, and interests of students who are ready to be more responsible for their own learning. We give students real choices in the program they take and the work they do in classes. In exchange, we require that all students do high quality work and earn a grade of A or B in core classes.

The program, which serves approximately 320 students, encompasses rigor and relevance.  We emphasize student centered learning, project based learning, multi-cultural perspectives, active involvement in the community as well as individualized graduation plans and senior culminating projects. Our average class size is 20, and the range is 15 to 25.  Classes begin at 8:45 a.m ending the day at 3:05 p.m.  An optional 7:30 a.m. class is available.  Our student population is very diverse with respect to talents, backgrounds and interests. Mutual respect among students and between students and staff is a core value of the school and results in a strong sense of community and a very safe learning environment. Please see our School Profile for more information.

Matching the School and the Students
New Vista works well for students who want more responsibility for their own learning, show that they can handle the responsibility, and want to consistently produce high quality work. Experience has shown that New Vista does not work well for students who do not usually make appropriate behavior choices, who need a great deal of adult supervision to do their school work, or who just want to "get by."

Valuing Diversity
New Vista High School values diversity and prepares students to function well in a multi-cultural society.  We do this by employing a diverse staff, personalizing learning, using heterogeneous and cross-age groups of students, and implementing a full inclusion model for students with disabilities and English language learners.  We also offer a curriculum that actively includes perspectives from diverse cultures within the United States and across the globe and we explicitly teach the skills and understandings needed for cross-cultural competency.

Graduation Requirements and Beyond
New Vista has a unique set of graduation requirements which were approved by the Board of Education in 1995. These requirements emphasize academic rigor while providing expansive opportunities for individuals to pursue their unique interests. All students chart an individual path which meets the school's high expectations for core subjects and supports each student's particular post-secondary plans.

We have graduated eight senior classes. Our graduates have been accepted at a wide range of private colleges, public universities, and art schools including some of the most competitive in the country. Other students have pursued technical education or have directly entered the workforce.

Our Curriculum
Social Studies courses are focused on themes, regions, and time periods and include offerings in US History, World History, World Geography, and Civics.  See the Sample Courses link for examples.

The math curriclum aligns with university entrance requirements and District/State content standards.  The emphasis is on genuine understanding of math concepts as well as applications of mathmematics in the real world.

The Spanish language program focuses on oral communication skills as well as text based literacy.  Level III is conducted entirely in Spanish and revolves around literature and cultural studies.

The American Sign Language program takes students through two years of studies preparing them for advanced work, careers in interpretation and college entrance requirements.

The Science program includes both lab based courses - Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics - that emphasize projects, themes and applications as well as topical courses with a more narrow focus such as Astronomy, Geology, Water, Energy, and the Brain.

Humanities offering focus on individual authors, time periods or themes.  See the Sample Course link for specific examples.

Every student at New Vista belongs to a multi-age advisory group and has the same advisor for their whole New Vista career. This advisor serves as the student's primary source of educational guidance and support.  Within Advisory classes we deliver a whole school curriculum focusing on issues of diversity, equity and cultural competence.

World Languages
Three levels of Spanish instruction are offered. Two years of American Sign Language is offered. Students may study other languages outside of New Vista.

English as a Second Language
New Vista teachers have all been trained to support the needs of English Language Learners and we receive District funding to offer support services.  Our model is one of inclusion.  At this time we are primarily serving the needs of Intermediate and Advanced students. 

The Arts
The Performing Arts (theater, dance, music) and the Visual Arts (pottery, photography, drawing, painting, sculpture and video) are offered by a combination of regular staff and visiting artists from the community.

New Vista offers three team sports:  co-ed Volleyball (in the Boys' League), girls' volleyball (participates in a club league), and men & women's Ultimate Frisbee.  The New Vista Volleyball Team won the state championship in the Spring of 2007.

Students may also try out for any sport at their attendance area high school. 

Community Experience
Off-campus learning is built into the weekly schedule. It can take many forms, including service, shadowing, internship, apprenticeship, or work experience.

New Vista students are responsible for their own transportation to and from school.

Find Out More
Telephone the school (720-561-8700) or come by (700 20th Street, Boulder) to get detailed information about the school and how you can join our community. We offer shadowing opportunities and parent/student information meetings. Remember, you do have a choice!

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The Boulder Valley School District maintains a site with up to date statistics and test score information on each District school. To learn about New Vista's information goals, climate, test scores and assessments, please click here