Financial Aid
​How to fund
your post-secondary education

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There are many ways to fund your college education. This site will offer some of the opportunities available to students and their families. For a listing of many private scholarship opportunities, please visit your Naviance account and click on the Scholarship tab. Please see the list below of other Financial Aid websites. Our Counselor's Corner monthly newsletter also lists current scholarships and other financial aid opportunities. If you are applying to a specific school, be sure to check directly with their financial aid office.

 Private Scholarships



The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is an important component to applying for financial aid. Please visit their website to get started.
Get ready to file your taxes early this year so that you can apply for federal financial aid. Go only to the official FAFSA website as there are many other websites that look like the FAFSA website but charge a fee. Pay attention to the FAFSA deadline and other financial aid deadlines at the colleges you are applying to. Some are as early as February! has a lot of helpful information.

 ​Western Undergraduate Exchange Program (WUE)

Consider using the Western Undergraduate Exchange Program (WUE) to get reduced tuition at some out-of-state public colleges and universities.

 The Hamilton Project- Student Loan Calculator


 College Opportunity Fund



If you are going to college in Colorado, register for the COLLEGE OPPORTUNITY FUND. This is a free stipend that is taken off your tuition.
It only takes a few minutes to apply. Apply only ONCE in your college career. Apply NOW. You need not know which college you will attend, as long as it is in Colorado.