Visual Arts

Traci Zajaczkowski, traci.zajaczkowski@bvsd.org

Arts education is a vital and basic component in the development of all human
beings. It is a necessary and legitimate part of public education for all students,
regardless of their innate talent or academic ability.

Visual arts education provides experience and knowledge not found in any other area
of the curriculum. Education in the visual arts enhances our perception by teaching
us to use our senses qualitatively. The visual arts allow us to develop and use our
creative potential, to see the value of our own ideas and feelings, and to respect those
of others. The visual arts give us a chance to think divergently, to search out beyond
the boundaries of what is known. The visual arts language is an avenue of
expression not addressed or taught in other areas of the curriculum. It is a basic and
unique part of education.

The inventive spirit is an important attribute of humankind; in fact, our society depends
on the ability to create new and better solutions to the challenges that continue to face
us. Individuals who can think creatively, feel sensitively, and see clearly will be our
greatest resource for the future. These individuals will invent the future. Visual arts
education contributes to the development of the individual inventive spirit, provides a
means for understanding oneself, and provides a means for understanding the
diverse world in which we live.

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