Upcoming Board Elections


Summit Board Elections 
For the 2013-2014 school year, the Summit Board of Directors will consist of nine directors. They are; Alan Jagolinzer, Chitra Seshan, David Kendall, and Jennie Whitcomb (whose terms will end on 5/31/14) plus 5 new directors. The new directors will be elected by the Summit Community from the list of the following five candidates. The terms for the five newly elected directors will be from 6/1/13 to 5/31/15. This table (click here) is intended to briefly summarize each candidate’s skills as they relate to Summit. The CV and the Application Questionnaires are also included.
Candidates (alphabetical order):
  1. Duer Reeves (click here for CV, click here for Application Questionnaire)
  2. Jen Greene (click here for CV, click here for Application Questionnaire)
  3. Margot Neufeld (click here for CV, click here for Application Questionnaire)
  4. Paul Bousquet (click here for CV, click here for Application Questionnaire)
  5. Sean Gallop (click here for CV, click here for Application Questionnaire)

Timeline for upcoming elections:

Thursday 3/14/13
Summit Community Night – candidates meet and present their credentials to Summit community.
Friday 3/15/13 to Friday 4/5/13
Monday 4/8/13 
Election results announced.
Wednesday 4/10/13
Newly elected members are invited to attend the board meeting. At that same meeting, we will decide on a date (no later than mid-May) for the purpose of training new members.
June 1, 2013
Term begins

If you have any questions, please contact any of the
Committee on Trustees Members:
Ahmad Akrami, Chair, Committee on Trustees   aakrami@summitbod.com
Adam Galvin, ex-officio member  adam.galvin@bvsd.org
Ali Gidfar, former Summit board member  gidfar.ali@gmail.com
David Kendall   dkendall@summitbod.com
Sue Kunz, former Summit board member  sue.kunz@gmail.com
Liz Snowden, ex-officio member, current Board Chair  lsnowden@summitbod.com
Jennie Whitcomb jwhitcomb@summitbod.com



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