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 Pre-Algebra Homework and Announcements


Pre Algebra

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 Algebra A Homework and Announcements


Algebra A

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Mr. Seibel Pre Algebra and Algebra A
Email: thomas.seibel@bvsd.org
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 The Pre Algebra File Cabinet


Study Guide for Fractions, Ratios, Decimals, Percents Unit Test

12_10_2013 study guide.pdf12_10_2013 study guide.pdf

Ops with Signed Number

Graphic Organizer -->  10_17_2013 Integer Rules - graphic organizer.pdf10_17_2013 Integer Rules - graphic organizer.pdf

Vocabulary -->  10_16_2013 Notes(signed numbers_vocab).pdf10_16_2013 Notes(signed numbers_vocab).pdf

Mini Unit

Topics Outline --> 10_02_2013 test topics mini unit.pdf10_02_2013 test topics mini unit.pdf

Distributive Property -->  10_02_2013 Notes area models for distributive property.pdf10_02_2013 Notes area models for distributive property.pdf

Order of Operations --> 09_20_2013 Notes Order of operations.pdf09_20_2013 Notes Order of operations.pdf

Unit 1 (Prime Time)

Unit Highlights -->  08_26_2013 Unit 1 Prime Time Mathematical Highlights.pdf08_26_2013 Unit 1 Prime Time Mathematical Highlights.pdf

Unit Topics Outline -->  09_11_2013  unit topics outline.pdf09_11_2013 unit topics outline.pdf

Factors and Multiples (Concepts and definitions) -->  08_26_2013 Notes_ Intro to Number Theory (Factors and Multiples).pdf08_26_2013 Notes_ Intro to Number Theory (Factors and Multiples).pdf 

  • Definition of PROPER FACTOR - All of the factors of a given number EXCEPT the number itself.  Example:  the PROPER FACTORS of 6 are 1, 2, 3.

Divisibility Rules -->  08_30_2013 Notes; divisibility (graphic organizer).pdf08_30_2013 Notes; divisibility (graphic organizer).pdf

  • The divibility rule for "7": PEEL-DOUBLE-SUBTRACT-CHECK
  • The divisibility rule for "11:  Circle-Square-Add-Subtract-Check

Primes, Composites, Squares and simplified LCM process  --> 09_09_2013 Notes_ Primes  Composites Squares and LCM process.pdf09_09_2013 Notes_ Primes Composites Squares and LCM process.pdf 

Prime Factorization and Exponent Form -->  09_10_2013 Notes (prime factorization).pdf09_10_2013 Notes (prime factorization).pdf 

Using prime factors to find GCF and LCM --> 09_18_2013 Notes (using prime factors for gcf and lcm).pdf09_18_2013 Notes (using prime factors for gcf and lcm).pdf 



  Flash Cards - Mixed Facts (50)
  The Factor Game
  The Product Game
  Venn diagram for multiples
  Venn diagram for factors
  Mean, Median, Mode
  Histogram tool
  A slightly better histogram tool
  That's Mathematics
  The Pearls Strategy Game - NIM
  Tower of Hanoi strategy game
  Math Learning Stile Inventory Form
  Order of Operations Game

 Algebra A File Cabinet



Systems of Equations (2 equations and 2 variables)

Solve by GraphingSolving Systems of Equations by Graphing

Solve by Substitution:   Solve sytems of equations by substitution

Solve by Linear Combination:  Solve by Linear Combination 

Miscellaneous notes and resources

Graph Paper - can be used throughout the year --> basic graphs (4 per page).pdf

The documents below are quick-study-guides that review the skills and concepts from Pre-Algebra.  Please refer to these documents as you work on the initial set of problems that will prepare us for the Algebra Climb.

 12_06_08 StudyGuide_Absolute Value.pdf12_06_08 StudyGuide_Absolute Value.pdf  

 12_06_08 StudyGuide_Integer ops.pdf12_06_08 StudyGuide_Integer ops.pdf

12_06_08 StudyGuide_Fraction operations.pdf12_06_08 StudyGuide_Fraction operations.pdf

12_06_08 StudyGuide_Order of Operations.pdf12_06_08 StudyGuide_Order of Operations.pdf

12_06_08 AA_StudyGuide_Evaluating Expressions.pdf12_06_08 AA_StudyGuide_Evaluating Expressions.pdf

 12_06_08 StudyGuide_Parts of an Expression.pdf12_06_08 StudyGuide_Parts of an Expression.pdf

   12_06_08 StudyGuide_Simplifying Expressions.pdf12_06_08 StudyGuide_Simplifying Expressions.pdf

  12_06_08 StudyGuide_solving linear equations.pdf12_06_08 StudyGuide_solving linear equations.pdf

   12_06_08 AA_StudyGuide_Solving Literal Equations.pdf12_06_08 AA_StudyGuide_Solving Literal Equations.pdf



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