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About Uni Hill


Founded in 1906, University Hill is one of Boulder’s oldest elementary school offering one of the most unique educational settings in the district. We implement the BVSD curriculum based on the Colorado Academic standards through a dual-language program that promotes biliteracy, bilingualism, and biculturalism.  Students learn academically challenging content while building literacy in two languages – Spanish and English. Half of our students come from dominant Spanish speaking households and half come from dominant English speaking households. Our staff is equally diverse and many have come to us from countries such as México, Colombia, and Peru. Our proximity to the University of Colorado provides us with a wealth of resources and opportunities to extend student learning beyond the classroom walls. Our partnership with the City of Boulder’s Family Resource Schools program allows us to provide after-school enrichment classes for our students and our families.We offer preschool through 5th grade instruction using small class sizes, small group instruction and additional adult support for students in reading and math. Equity, diversity, respect and understanding are the cornerstones of our school community.  


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